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01.09.17 |

L'HORE - EP out now

The first EP of our duo project with Fanny Anderegg is out!

Visite our website :

24.06.17 |


New duo project with Fanny Anderegg : L'HORE
EP out septembre 2017.
Check out the teaser and our website :

23.02.16 |

QONIAK live!! Jazzwerkstatt, Cully Jazz and Argentina

QONIAK live in different festivals and on tour in Argentina with the great Franco Fontanarrosa!!

qoniak Argentinian Tour
feat. Franco Fontanarrosa

27.04.16 - 08.05.16

27.04.16 Workshop, Doyo Estudio Buenos Aires
28.04.16 Bisellia Campana
29.04.16 Roseti Hall Caba (Buenos Aires)
30.04.16 La semana de la Lectura Festival Rosario
01.05.16 El Taller Casa de Arte Santa Fe
03.05.16 Centro Cultural Municiapal Rafaela
04.05.16 Workshop, Bermuda Studio Rosario
05.05.16 Casa Cultural Maula Junn
06.05.16 La Mulata La Plata
07.05.16 Roseti Hall Caba (Buenos Aires)
31.01.16 |


02.09.15 |

Out Now: Stone by Mantel-Membrez

New album of acoustic duo with great drummer Lukas Mantel!

In 2011 Lukas Mantel and Vincent Membrez discovered their deep musical complicity. With much calmness and long stamina, both improvisors use the inexhaustible sound possibilities of piano and percussion as a guiding principle of their work. Mantel-Membrez follow a clear path in their improvisations and compositions on which they are calmly guided by the lead of their own music. Balancing the alchemy of sound and silence, defining the temperature and density of a moment, they reach a solidified, coherent piece of music. Their first record STONE is a direct, contemplative but very clear statement, which stands calmly in our busy and noisy environment.

02.09.15 |

Sissy Fox : New project - new album

Skip The Universe Release Tour!!

Finest Electro/Pop/Punk/Dub new project with Joana Aderi, Eva Seliner & Patrik Zosso.
Very proud and happy to be part of it :)

Sissy Fox
"Skip The Universe" release Tour

24.09.15 - 12.12.15

25.09.15 Schr Luzerne
26.09.15 Sonnenstube Lugano
01.10.15 La Parenthse Nyon
03.10.15 Le Singe Biel/Bienne
07.11.15 Helsinki Zrich
09.11.15 Monomontag Winterthur
09.12.15 Lady Bar Basel
12.12.15 Spazio 1929 Lugano
02.09.15 |

pulp.noir: New music/theater/video performance!

Eine Theaterautomation von pulp.noir

Silly Works
Arbeit ist das Thema, und Sisyphos ist der Held: Er mht sich ab und kommt doch nie ans Ziel. Entsprechend wird auf der Bhne nur sinnlos gearbeitet, doch der Schauspieler, die Sngerin, der Medienknstler, der Schlagzeuger und der Keyboarder sind wahre Meister darin. Untersttzt und sogar noch bertroffen werden sie von ihren Avataren und zahlreichen Maschinen, mit denen sie interagieren und zusammen einen Hyperraum bilden, in dem Text, Szene, Video und Musik gleich viel Platz einnehmen.

Von und mit: Joana Aderi, Fred Brki, Ralph Tristan Engelmann, Thomas Fischer,
Vincent Membrez, Julia Maria Morf, Tobias Reber, Thomas Winkler

16. 25. Oktober 2015, Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik.

Silly Works - Musik/Video/Theater Performance

16.10.15 - 25.10.15

02.06.15 |

Qoniak Live in Russia on Muzenergo Tour

QONIAK on crazy Muzenergo Tour!

June 29: Dimitrovgrad, DK Voskhod
June 30: Samara, DKZH
July 1: Ufa, venue t.b.a.
July 2: Satka, DK Stroitel
July 3: Chelyabinsk, State Phirmonics (Prokofiev Hall)
July 4: Yekaterinburg, as a part of EverJazz festival
July 6: Tyumen, Philharmonic Hall
July 7: Golyshmanovo, DK Yunost
July 8: Omsk, Philharmonic Hall
July 9: Kargat (Novosibirsk region), DK Gorkogo
July 10: Chulym (Novosibirsk region), RDKD
July 11: Kemerovo, KemGU Concert Hall
July 12: Novosibirsk, Campus
July 13: Barnaul, Altai Region Philharmonic Hall
July 14: Berdsk (Novosibirsk region), GDK
July 15: Tomsk, State University Culture Center

More infos here
26.08.14 |

Christy Doran's New Bag on Tour in South America

New Bag is playing this year at the Bolivia Festi'jazz!!
26.08.14 |

Kiku @ Jazz Festival Willisau

Les Carabiniers will play on 28th August, 20:00, on the main stage of the great festival of Willisau!

With Yannick Barman, Cyril Regamey, Dominik Burkhalter, David Doyon, Vincent Membrez

More infos :

14.04.14 |

Christy Doran's New Bag on Tour!

See you there, in Switzerland and around!

07.05.14 - 31.05.14

07.05.14 Dekadenz Bressanone/Brixen (IT)
08.05.14 Spielboden Dornbirn (AT)
09.05.14 Chollerhalle Zug
10.05.14 Bau4 Altbron
16.05.14 Jazz Festival Schaffhausen
17.05.14 KIK Ried im Innkreis (AT)
22.05.14 Birdseye Basel
24.05.14 Hirsch-ku Erlenbach
31.05.14 Molino Lugano
01.10.13 |

sbdQt in Russia!

We will be touring Russia with Antoine Lng, Shane Perlowin, Raf Ortis, Lionel Friedli and myself from october 3rd to October 12th. Check it out and come over if you're around!!

duQtu sbdQtc in Russia
with Shane Perlowin & Raf Ortis

03.10.13 - 13.10.13

03.10.13 DOM Moscow (RU)
04.10.13 GEZ-21 St.Peterrburg (RU)
05.10.13 Alexey Kozlov Club Moscow (RU)
06.10.13 Petrovsky Voronezh (RU)
07.10.13 Rocksbuty Belgorod (RU)
10.10.13 Sobornaya Ploschad Vladimir (RU)
11.10.13 Jam-Prestige Nizhny Novgorod (RU)
12.10.13 JINR Library Dubna (RU)
24.08.13 |

QONIAK release tour feat. Joy Frempong & Flo Stoffner

21.08.13 |

QONIAK's Sentient Beings TEASERS

Sentient Beings is out on Everest Records in September!

Featuring OY on vocals and FLO on guitar.

Check out the TEASERS!!

22.05.13 |

NEWBAG @ Visonable Jazz Festival in Beijing

Christy Doran's New Bag will have the great opportunity to play at the Visionable Jazz Festival next June 10-14. We are very much looking forward to it!
More infos here:

23.04.13 |

NEWBAG new release 'Mesmerized' & tour!

Newbag is new again! Old Bottle, New Wine: The band, which continually redefines itself, has again developed an exciting new routine, in part with new band members too: Sarah Buechi (voice), Vincent Membrez (moog-bass-synth & rhodes), Lionel Friedli (dr) and Christy Doran (e-guitar & compositions) are starting a new era of the "New Bag". The message remains the same: intensive yearning for crazy musical adventures, and consistent resistance against any categorization!


Christy Doran's New Bag
New NEWBAG on Tour TBA

26.04.13 - 15.05.13

26.04.13 Chaesi Festival Gysenstein
27.04.13 UFO Bienne
01.05.13 Bar King Neuchtel
03.05.13 Bray Jazz Festival Bray (IR)
08.05.13 Sdpol Luzern
09.05.13 Mokka Thun
10.05.13 Wekstatt Chur
11.05.13 Odeon Gppingen (DE)
15.05.13 Caf XXe Fribourg
25.02.13 |

sbdQt "In A Real Dark Night" Release and Tour!

|sbdQt| (from Latin subductus) is a project dedicated to improv/experimental music on a large scale, drifting from loud noise and deep psychedelic rock to more minimal electroacoustic soundscapes, as a result of few open rule based compositions combined with free improvised material.

Released February 24th 2013
w/Lionel Friedli - drums, Raphal Ortis - bass, Vincent Membrez - minimoog, Shane Perlowin - guitar, Antoine Lng - voice and electronics

Infos, music and stuff:


sbdQt Release-Tour
with Shane Perlowin & Raf Ortis

24.02.13 - 05.03.13

24.02.13 Jazzwerkstatt Festival Bern
28.02.13 le 102 Grenoble (FR)
01.03.13 Halle des chars Strasbourg (FR)
02.03.13 5 Jahre Mullbau! Festival Lucerne
03.03.13 UFO Bienne
05.03.13 WIM Zrich
03.12.12 |

Kerouac on Tour

Kerouac is on tour in Switzerland and Germany, with new compositions, and will be recording at La Buissonne studios in France on February 18 and 19. Great new music coming up! Yeah.

Kerouac on Tour!

11.12.12 - 23.02.13

11.12.12 Marsl Chur
13.12.12 Bird's Eye Basel
08.02.13 Neue Tonne Dresden (DE)
09.02.13 Sowieso Neuklln Berlin (DE)
10.02.13 Waschhaus Potsdam (DE)
11.02.13 Jazzraum Hamburg (DE)
12.02.13 Caf Wagner Jena (DE)
15.02.13 Esse Bar Winterthur
16.02.13 Jazz Jams Lugano
02.10.12 |

Fanny Anderegg "Hapax"

We are currently recording some new great music of Fanny Anderegg to be released next Spring! More infos follow... In the meantime check out
12.08.12 |

dQt Australian Tour!

dQt together with Lon (Raf Ortis + Louis Schild) will be touring in Australia & New Zealand this August!

See you there...

duQtu Australian Tour

12.08.12 - 21.08.12

12.08.12 Gasometer Melbourne (AUS)
14.08.12 Make It Up Melbourne (AUS)
15.08.12 The Old Fire Station Bendigo (AUS)
16.08.12 Owls Cafe Wollongong (AUS)
17.08.12 Serial Space Sidney (AUS)
18.08.12 Art Gallery Sidney (AUS)
20.08.12 Vitamin Club Auckland (NZ)
21.08.12 Wine Cellar Auckland (NZ)
17.06.12 |

NEW BAG videos By Roger Rebetez !

Here some new video material of Christy Doran's NEW BAG recorded in Sdpol Luzern last April.

Video Editing: Roger Rebetez
Audio Recording: Christian Rogger
Mixing: Dominik Burkhalter

Check the other ones HERE!!
16.05.12 |

dQt + guests @ AMR Genve

dQt will be one week in Geneva, practising, playing and recording with guests Shane Perlowin and Raf Ortis.

Live Mai 26. and 27. at the AMR.

Stay tune for some crazy stuff coming out soon!!

duQtu and guests

26.05.12 - 27.05.12

26.05.12 AMR Genve
27.05.12 AMR Genve
29.02.12 |

Invisible - the OZMO video clip !!

From Cyril Gfeller & Martin Oberli, enjoy !

16.02.12 |


OZMO on tour in Frhling 2012 !!
Soon in a place near you ;)
Mit Marco Mller on Kontrabass in Mrz.

06.01.12 |

duQtuc Emergency Tour 2012

dQtc on tour with the great Fred Brki on drums...
don't miss it !!

duQtu Emergency Tour feat. Fred Brki

07.01.12 - 28.01.12

07.01.12 Cave du Milieu Bienne
15.01.12 Le Pantographe Moutier
26.01.12 La Parenthse Nyon
27.01.12 L'Entre-Deux La Chaux-De-Fonds
28.01.12 Sonarraum in Progr Bern
07.11.11 |

Kerouac on tour !

Kerouac live in a place near you... hope to see you there !

Kerouac Kerouac Herbsttournee 2011 !

05.11.11 - 15.12.11

05.11.11 JazzOnze+ Festival Lausanne
15.11.11 Klibhni Chur
16.11.11 Cafe Museum Passau (D)
17.11.11 Kiste Stuttgart (D)
18.11.11 Jazz am Schiessberg Calw (D)
21.11.11 Montagsbar Hannover (D)
25.11.11 AMR Genve
02.12.11 Fabbrica Losone
09.12.11 Bahnhof Andelsbuch Andelsbuch (A)
13.12.11 Birds Eye Basel
09.09.11 |

Christy Doran's NEW BAG on Tour

NEW BAG "Take The Floor And Lift The Roof" Tour...

See you there !

Christy Doran's New Bag Take The Floor And Lift The Roof 2011 Tour

13.10.11 - 29.10.11

13.10.11 La Fourni Luzern
14.10.11 Volkshaus Zrich
15.10.11 Mokka Thun
22.10.11 Jazz & Wine Festival Cormons Gorizia (I)
22.10.11 CSC Vicenza (I)
25.10.11 Altes Kino Lankeck (A)
29.10.11 Nordhaeuser Jazzfest Nordhausen (D)
05.09.11 |

Take The Floor And Lift The Roof

The new CD of Christy Doran's NEW BAG is out...

more infos

On tour October 13-29 !
05.07.11 |

:: Live :: OZMO in Frhling 2012 auf Tour

Ozmo wird in Frhling 2012 (Mrz und Mai) mit Pedro Lenz, Joke Lanz, Christian Weber und Lionel Friedli auf Tour sein !!

Ich freue mich mit Patricia Umbricht von Cultact Giuliani Kulturbro fr diese Konzerttournee zusammen arbeiten zu drfen.

Mehr Infos folgen...
02.05.11 |



OZMO zum selber basteln...
28.04.11 |

OZMO mit Joke Lanz & Pedro Lenz

Nothing takes place without a sufficient reason ... ?


OZMO - CD-Taufe!

02.06.11 - 04.06.11

02.06.11 Exil Zrich
03.06.11 Be-Jazz Bern
04.06.11 L'Etage Bienne
26.04.11 |

Shabani @ 1. Mai Fest Zrich

21.03.11 |

Christy Doran's NEW BAG

I am proud to be now a member of Christy Doran's great band.

New Album coming out for August 2011. European tour from 13-30 Octobre.

More info HIER
21.03.11 |

Shabani new CD release gigs

Shabani new album out soon.

Vier Konzerte in der Schweiz bis July.

More coming up...

Shabani Release Tour

02.04.11 - 30.07.11

02.04.11 Mokka Thun
30.04.11 1.-Mai-Fest Zrich
28.05.11 Mahogany Hall Bern
11.06.11 Imagine Festival Basel
18.06.11 Flchtlingstag Theaterplatz Basel
01.07.11 Hinterhof Basel
30.07.11 Lakeside comeback Hergiswil
06.02.11 |

23.2 Kiku6 @ Moods Zurich

Artist in residence Christian Weber invite Kiku6 !

Double concert :

23.02.11 Kiku6
Moods Zrich
27.01.11 |

Vincent Membrez & Lucien Dubuis

Concert indit dans le cadre de l'association Oreille Sans Dtours !

Vendredi 28 Janvier 20h30
Salle Monteverdi l'EMJB
16.11.10 |

duQtuc Micro Tour

For freaks and friends

Don't miss it, because :

duQtu is approved for the short term treatment (up to 8 weeks) of panic disorder, with or without agoraphobia. duQtu is very effective in preventing moderate to severe anxiety, essential tremor, panic attacks and other types of convulsive behaviors. Musicians who elect to prescribe duQtu for longer than 8 weeks should be aware that continued efficacy has not been systematically demonstrated beyond 8 weeks use as tolerance to duQtu's effects may occur after 8 weeks and necessitate discontinuation or musician-directed dose escalation. However, long-term maintenance therapy on duQtu is not unheard-of in the musical community, and, if a genuine musicological need exists, benefits must be weighed against risks. duQtu is recommended for the short-term treatment (2-4 weeks) of severe acute anxiety.duQtu should only very rarely be used for longer periods of time -- the ear becomes rapidly tolerant to duQtu's effects, which may translate to decreased efficacy. Decreased efficacy can lead to dose escalation, and the use of high doses puts the listener at higher risk for withdrawal if duQtu is discontinued suddenly. DuKktus is the main and most commonly known brand name for duQtu. There is a large variety of generic brand names for duQtu in use throughout the world. In English-speaking countries, duQtu is sold under the following brand names: dQt, DduQktu, ducTTuSS, duQt, tuduQQ, dQQTuu. Side effects of duQtu may occur in listeners and are more likely the higher the dosage taken. If signs of an allergic reaction occur such as hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat occur musical attention should be sought immediately. Musical attention should also be sought immediately if signs of jaundice appear such as yellowing of the skin or eyes.

08.11.10 |

Shabani new CD

Shabani tait en studio La-Chaux-de-Fonds du 26-31 octobre

Coming soon...

25.09.10 |

Fanny Anderegg Quartet

Nuit des 1000 questions - Nacht der 1000 Fragen

Temple Allemand, Biel/Bienne, 21h

17.09.10 |

Amstad - Membrez - Rohrer - Stoffner

2 Gigs in Luzern und Bern

A ne pas manquer !

24.09.10 Stoffner Membrez Rohrer + Bruno Amstad
Sonarraum64 Bern
22.09.10 Stoffner Membrez Rohrer + Bruno Amstad
Mullbau Luzern
31.08.10 |


Kiku6 Live @ Espace Guinguette, Vevey

Yannick Barman, tp
Mathieu Michel, tp
David Doyon, g
Vincent Membrez, synth
Cyril Regamey, dr
Dominik Burkhalter, dr

12.08.10 |

Outdoor review

The quartet of Jaeger, pianist Vincent Membrez, bassist Luca Sisera and drummer Norbert Pfammatter has been together for five years and the depth of playing experience that implies is evident in this release. The balance of the new and the familiar is rarely struck with such precision as this ensemble manages...
Read more
12.08.10 |

Fanny Anderegg - Home - La Figlia Dal Vent

Live @ Samedan, Chesa Planta, SA 7. July, 13:00 + 20:30

Da las desch a las desch ün di in onur da Luisa Famos
17.06.10 |

Fanny Anderegg Live Broadcast

19.05.10 |


Spielhuus sera au Taktlos.10


Rotefabrik, Zrich

Martin Baumgartner, prompter; Bruno Amstad, voice; Christy Doran, guitar; Lucien Dubuis, bass-clarinet/contrabass-clarinet; Christoph Erb, tenorsax/bass-clarinet; Markus Muff, trombone; Hans-Peter Pfammatter, piano; Vincent Membrez, moog; Urban Lienert, e-bass; Christian Weber, bass; Andr Pousaz, bass; Dario Sisera, percussion; Lionel Friedli, drums/percussion; Arno Troxler, drums/percussion.

11.05.10 |

Fanny Anderegg HOME - VERNISSAGE

Thtre de Poche, Biel/Bienne

07.05.10 |

Shabani & The Broken Flowers @ Kiff Aarau

13 MAI 21:00
21.04.10 |


Listen to Kerouac's Outdoors ...

11.03.10 |


Deux extraits de HOME couter en primeur... ici

paratre en mai chez metarecords
27.02.10 |

Veto Records Festival

veto records Festival
6.Mrz 2010, Sdpol 17 Uhr

Arsenalstrasse 28, Kriens

Vera Kappeler Trio
KiKu Trio feat. Malcolm Braff
Flo Stoffner Solo-Guitar
Martin Baumgartner's "Spielhuus" !!! New Release - Cd-Taufe !!!

Party mit DJ Cembalo sunshine
25.02.10 |

Othello @ Sdpol

15.02.10 |

Othello @ Fabriktheater

20 & 21 Februar 2010
Rotefabrik Zrich
19:30 & 18:30

Othello.Ich bin nicht, was ich bin
Jago und Othello sind zurck, der stolze, schwarze Feldherr und sein neidzerfressener, weier Fhnrich fusioniert zu einem Rockstar, dessen Armee Shabani & The Broken Flowers mit Saiten, Sticks und Stimmgewalt bewaffnet ist.
Ich bin nicht, was ich bin Jagos Satz aus der ersten Szene des Dramas formuliert das zentrale Motiv dieses zeitgenssischen Popdramas: Wer ist hier eigentlich wer? Ein Spiel mit dem Identittenhopping und der Mglichkeit, sich selber zu erfinden, zu definieren: Wer man sein will, wer man ist und wie man dazu wird. Ich bin schwarz, mein Herz ist weiss.
12.02.10 |

Spielhuus CD out


Nouveau CD chez Veto-Records

Spielhuus ist mehr ein Regelwerk als eine Komposition im herkmmlichen Sinne. Vorgegeben sind keine Noten sondern ein Katalog von Verhaltensmustern. Diese Spielregeln erlauben es jedem Mitspieler im beschrnkten Rahmen die kollektive Dynamik zu beeinflussen. Das Resultat ist eine Achterbahnfahrt zwischen gnzlich freiem Spiel, Grooves, Flchigen Soundscapes und allen Farbbereichen dazwischen, darber und daneben.
11.02.10 |

Otherjazz Festival

Ne manquez pas ce festival la magnifique programmation...

du 9 au 14 fvrier

site web
28.01.10 |


duQtu le 6 fvrier Espace Noir est ANNULE...

Prochain concert:

14 fvrier, Reitschule Bern.
13.01.10 |

qoniak musik en studio

qoniak sera au studio mcanique le 20 et 21 janvier.

avec des invits

de marque

... couter bientt...

mais en attendant qoniak c'est a
25.12.09 |

bienvenue sur mon nouveau site

vous pouvez me signaler les bugs et autres commentaires sur la page contact...

optimis pour firefox, safari, chrome, opera. des problmes peuvent encore survenir sur internet explorer...

joyeux nol & bonne anne 2010 !